Adsense account approval tricks

Google adsense account approval tricks 2012

           Trick no1 - Google  adsense account approval tricks 2012  
                               Write and post good quality content in your website or blog and then apply for google adsense account approval. Don’t copy content from other site, if you will do and then don’t expect them to be approved. Most of the new application will be rejected for above reason. 

           Trick no 2 – Google adsense account approval tricks
                               Google adsense approval team will not only check your content, also traffic of your website… so, please check your website or blog if there is enough amount of traffic for google adsense account approval.

           Trick no 3 – Google adsense account approval tricks 2012
                                 Google adsense approval software is not a genuine way to get approval. In market place, you may find the “Google adsense approval software “for some price. I suggest you that dont buy that software. Because, they will give you the software which are related to increase your traffic and to get approval

          Trick no 4 – Google adsense account approval tricks
                                Don’t post the content with some adult related material and you will get far away from Google adsense account approval. 
          Trick no 5 – Google adsense account approval tricks 2012
                          Google adsense approval process is almost easy to achieve. Instead of using the” Google adsense approval software”, just know the Google adsense approval process

Adsense approval process -1
First, apply for google adsense with details of your website address and all other details.

Adsense approval process -2
It will take about 1-2 days for approval; some good quality website will get approval within 2- 24 hour.

Adsense approval process -3
                               If your application is being rejected, it is temporary only, don’t get upset, and write “no change” content for your website or blog and apply again after some days..Now you will ask ...hey what is “no change” content. For example…. write about the content which is common  to all.

How to remove or hide the navbar in blogger blog


                       Every new blogger to the internet is finding the new way to make their blog more readable (i.e.) they need their blog to look more stylish. On the line of track, BlogSpot blogger is one of the most popular one among free bloggers. 

                        In that BlogSpot blog, you will see the navbar at the top and make the blog unprofessional. In order to remove the navbar, people will find this topic in “Google” search engine with keyword “how to remove navbar in BlogSpot” and all other key phrases in the internet. Finally, they will found the code and some instruction to go the html and “find this and that... it is just annoying???”

                      Alright, today I am going to show you, the simplest way to hide or remove the navbar in BlogSpot blog. I assure you, no one blogger even a professional blogger in internet did not tell this trick ever before….don’t forget see the video below if you are having high speed internet.

Please read fully

Step 1:

            Go to blogger and sign in your account. You can do it because you know basics about blogger blog. Now, you want to hide the navbar in easy way…

Step 2:

           Click “design” link of your blog that you want to hide the navbar

Step 3:
           Go to “Template designer” link, looking different!!! Go to that

Step 4:

            Now click “Advanced tab” where you change your blog color and all
            Important: scroll down to “Add CSS” tab and click that

Step 5:

#navbar-iframe {
display:none   } 

Select, copy (ctrl+c) above code and paste(ctrl+v)  it in “Add custom css”.   Okay, Done!!!


                     While pasting the code in “add custom css” box itself, you will see the effect of hiding the navbar in live. If don’t see that effect, please refresh page, and “delete that code and once again copy and paste that. More info... See video below

if you are going to change your blog template, this method will help you each time hiding the navbar