How to enable the Dynamic Views in blogger blog

                   I’m really interested to write the post on the NEW BLOGGER DYNAMIC VIEWS with seven(may be lot more...coming soon) new displays.

                     Blogger team has introduced the new blogger dynamic view, which consists of different display views. After the recent introduction of new blogger interface, it is welcome to have good news from blogger team once again.

                     The recent technology has made several impacts in website world. The introduction of AJAX, HTML5, and CSS3 in blogger view will be a wonder for new bloggers. Having said that, I will share my experience with NEW DYNAMIC VIEWS of blogger and how to ENABLE those DYNAMIC VIEWS in your BlogSpot for better smooth view.

                     It’s inevitable to have a blog with real good look. As in that case, BlogSpot blog is one at the top with improved features. In order to enable the dynamic views, I will let you to know the views first. Here is my blog with dynamic views

To enable this option:

        In order to change your blog into various dynamics view, you just switch your blog from old blogger interface to new blogger interface. 
Because It is easy to do in case of new interface. 

Step 1

         Go to template tab on left side of your blog interface. See below

Step 2

           Then you will able to see the dynamics views option on the second row. Choose anyone of the templates to apply for your blog. If you don’t have an idea to choose the best templates, I will let you know the link which generates all seven dynamic views

Replace my blog name with your blog name and press enter.

Happy blogging!!! 



How to use the new blogger interface

                       Yes, I really liked the new interface of you? After several years and due to lot of new user in blogger blog, blogger has introduced the new interface on august 31, 2011 to make it user friendly.

                      Now I am going to tell you the blogger new interface and all other features. 

Writing post is simple now:

The blogger new interface has the new features to write the post like we write an email to other. The simple new white look of blogger post page will give you the real blog experience.

Stats of your blog:

             New blogger interface has the “stats feature” which allows the user to check out the traffic of your blog.

Setting features:

             Setting features has been changed to make the navigation easy in blogger interface.

Earning tab:

             This tab let you to access your Ad Sense earning.


To use blogger new interface – you need to click on the option on right side of your old blogger interface

See below

Enjoy the new blogger interface experience !!! its really an user friendly arrangement made by


5 ways -How to reduce stress in your mind

5 ways -How to reduce stress in your mind

                               No matter how hard we try, some things in our life are just unavoidable like stress. If you experiences the stress on regular basis can affect your heart in unsuitable way.
                                 The responses of stress will lead to blood pressure, raise in heart beat rate and other unwanted mental torture. In this post, I am going to write the topic on “how to reduce stress “with simple methods.
 How to reduce stress 

1)    Identify your stress initiates:
                                  Absorb the things in your life that initiates the stress like job pressure, others intention about you, mental illness etc. and STOP thinking about that. This is the first thing you have to do.

2)    Change the food style :
                                  Some people still really understand the change of food style from non-vegetarian to vegetarian make the body in good, the more you involve in vegetarian food will put you in better health stage.


How to transfer files without uploading

               Hi readers, today you are going to see the tips for transferring files without uploading in any other servers in the internet. This trick is very useful if you want to share your files with your friend without uploading it.

Steps to transfer files without uploading:

1.    Go to Click browse button and select files from your computer hard disk

2.    After the file is being selected, that website will generate the unique URL to download the file.

3.    Send that download link to your friend (other end user) via email or any other internet messenger like Google talk, yahoo messenger.

4.    Other end user (file receiver) should use the link for downloading the file .

          The 1st user (sender) must not close browser until the 2nd user complete the download   


5 New ways to increase your website/blog traffic

                    Create and Post a video which is related to your website/ blog on YouTube and give a link of your blog address in the description area. In the description dialog box you need to type http://+ your blog address… just like this If you forget to type http:// and then your link won’t work. This is one of the best ways to increase your blog traffic.
Blog directories     

                                           Just like dictionary if you want search a meaning for a word, blog   directories let you to find the good and popular blog. Alright, now think if your blog is available on that list ….then traffic will come frequently.
                             I suggest you to create separate email id for submitting your blog in blog directories, because you may get emails which is unrelated to you.

 Social networking

                             Make friends as much as you can in Facebook, twitter, Orkut and other social networking sites. You may not know the real secret of this .okay; I will tell you the secret.
                             For example, you have joined in one group in Facebook. Suppose you post an update in the group’s wall. Then, the post alert will be displayed as message in other member’s emails. See, without wasting your time, one post with your website address at the end of your post in Facebook will make more traffic.

Commenting and answering

                          Comment on other’s blog will make some traffic to you blog but, more often it will not help. I suggest you to answer the questions which people don’t find answers on internet like yahoo answers, forum sites etc.

Upload the file 

                        I think most of them may not know this one too. But I will explain you the secret. Some blog gurus will download the file which is frequently require by people in the internet. And then, they will upload the same file with their blog address to get the password.

How to use templates in blogger

Templates ! Templates! Templates !

                          I think, if you are new to blogger templates and finding the way it looks like more elegant ??First of all , bloggers need to know templates advantages and disadvantages. 

                          In initial stages of blogging , everyone will be looking for templates to make their blog more beautiful and readable. But, after some time they will conclude to use the templates like 3 column templates, adsense templates, word press templates etc., 

                          I will always recommend to use the templates which is given in the blogger templates itself... don't go for premium templates and other templates given by other websites. because... read the reasons below

                            1) Templates given by other websites may have the limitation. sometimes. it will take long time to load  your blog..

                            2) Anytime, those blog templates may disappear without any prior information due over bandwidth limitation. Initially, you cannot see the effect because you are about to develop your blog content.. after  your blog is being developed with enough visitors , your blog templates will fall to see the, please understand the future of your blog and avoid to use those templates other than blogger default templates.

                              3) I need to tell you about one important thing about blogger templates is that changing the color and your blog fonts itself will make your blog more readable.

                         I think you will understand the risk of  using templates in blogger blog. Use blogger default templates since it's under Google server and it is fast and reliable.