How to enable the Dynamic Views in blogger blog

                   I’m really interested to write the post on the NEW BLOGGER DYNAMIC VIEWS with seven(may be lot more...coming soon) new displays.

                     Blogger team has introduced the new blogger dynamic view, which consists of different display views. After the recent introduction of new blogger interface, it is welcome to have good news from blogger team once again.

                     The recent technology has made several impacts in website world. The introduction of AJAX, HTML5, and CSS3 in blogger view will be a wonder for new bloggers. Having said that, I will share my experience with NEW DYNAMIC VIEWS of blogger and how to ENABLE those DYNAMIC VIEWS in your BlogSpot for better smooth view.

                     It’s inevitable to have a blog with real good look. As in that case, BlogSpot blog is one at the top with improved features. In order to enable the dynamic views, I will let you to know the views first. Here is my blog with dynamic views

To enable this option:

        In order to change your blog into various dynamics view, you just switch your blog from old blogger interface to new blogger interface. 
Because It is easy to do in case of new interface. 

Step 1

         Go to template tab on left side of your blog interface. See below

Step 2

           Then you will able to see the dynamics views option on the second row. Choose anyone of the templates to apply for your blog. If you don’t have an idea to choose the best templates, I will let you know the link which generates all seven dynamic views

Replace my blog name with your blog name and press enter.

Happy blogging!!! 


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