How to use templates in blogger

Templates ! Templates! Templates !

                          I think, if you are new to blogger templates and finding the way it looks like more elegant ??First of all , bloggers need to know templates advantages and disadvantages. 

                          In initial stages of blogging , everyone will be looking for templates to make their blog more beautiful and readable. But, after some time they will conclude to use the templates like 3 column templates, adsense templates, word press templates etc., 

                          I will always recommend to use the templates which is given in the blogger templates itself... don't go for premium templates and other templates given by other websites. because... read the reasons below

                            1) Templates given by other websites may have the limitation. sometimes. it will take long time to load  your blog..

                            2) Anytime, those blog templates may disappear without any prior information due over bandwidth limitation. Initially, you cannot see the effect because you are about to develop your blog content.. after  your blog is being developed with enough visitors , your blog templates will fall to see the, please understand the future of your blog and avoid to use those templates other than blogger default templates.

                              3) I need to tell you about one important thing about blogger templates is that changing the color and your blog fonts itself will make your blog more readable.

                         I think you will understand the risk of  using templates in blogger blog. Use blogger default templates since it's under Google server and it is fast and reliable.

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