5 ways -How to reduce stress in your mind

5 ways -How to reduce stress in your mind

                               No matter how hard we try, some things in our life are just unavoidable like stress. If you experiences the stress on regular basis can affect your heart in unsuitable way.
                                 The responses of stress will lead to blood pressure, raise in heart beat rate and other unwanted mental torture. In this post, I am going to write the topic on “how to reduce stress “with simple methods.
 How to reduce stress 

1)    Identify your stress initiates:
                                  Absorb the things in your life that initiates the stress like job pressure, others intention about you, mental illness etc. and STOP thinking about that. This is the first thing you have to do.

2)    Change the food style :
                                  Some people still really understand the change of food style from non-vegetarian to vegetarian make the body in good condition.so, the more you involve in vegetarian food will put you in better health stage.

3)    Visiting to places that you like the most :
                                        Visiting to places which are located in your local area like park, seaside, zoo etc. will definitely change your mind stress in to stress-free state.

4)    Meditation :
                                 Learn the meditation from any guru which makes your big stress into an atom problem.it can be easy for you practice mediation without going out somewhere.

5)    Listen to music :
                                               It is the simple thing to do to reduce your stress within in second. Listen to music what you like the most such as your favourite songs, playlist which you always like to hear.

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