5 New ways to increase your website/blog traffic

                    Create and Post a video which is related to your website/ blog on YouTube and give a link of your blog address in the description area. In the description dialog box you need to type http://+ your blog address… just like this If you forget to type http:// and then your link won’t work. This is one of the best ways to increase your blog traffic.
Blog directories     

                                           Just like dictionary if you want search a meaning for a word, blog   directories let you to find the good and popular blog. Alright, now think if your blog is available on that list ….then traffic will come frequently.
                             I suggest you to create separate email id for submitting your blog in blog directories, because you may get emails which is unrelated to you.

 Social networking

                             Make friends as much as you can in Facebook, twitter, Orkut and other social networking sites. You may not know the real secret of this .okay; I will tell you the secret.
                             For example, you have joined in one group in Facebook. Suppose you post an update in the group’s wall. Then, the post alert will be displayed as message in other member’s emails. See, without wasting your time, one post with your website address at the end of your post in Facebook will make more traffic.

Commenting and answering

                          Comment on other’s blog will make some traffic to you blog but, more often it will not help. I suggest you to answer the questions which people don’t find answers on internet like yahoo answers, forum sites etc.

Upload the file 

                        I think most of them may not know this one too. But I will explain you the secret. Some blog gurus will download the file which is frequently require by people in the internet. And then, they will upload the same file with their blog address to get the password.