How to submit a blog in blog directories

                          Whatever may be your blog which containing good quality content, if it is not known by other, then all other works you have made will be vain…? Am I kidding you?

                          The answer is “NO”. Suppose if your blog has good quality content and reading yourself. What is the use in that? You may ask “hey what is the use of submitting my blog in blog directories?” My answers are given below

                                          People won’t search the things (key word) in search engine itself, they will turn over the keyword from search engine to blog directories. If your blog has that content, what they are looking for and then your blog get popular with hits.

                                 You will get more visitors and your blog will get more subscribers and more fans

                                                   Okay, before you’re going to submit your blog in directories. Just open word file and type the necessary details of your blog. Suppose, if you are going submit your details of blog in various blog directories, so it is easy to copy and paste instead of typing each time. The following questions will be requested by blog directories most often.

Blog Title: your blog's title

Blog URL (web address): your blog's url

Category: yourblog's category

Tags: title tags of your blog

Blog Description: short description of your blog

Email: your email address( please create new email id)

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