How to view private facebook profiles | how to see the private facebook profiles

Today, I am going to write about the topic on “How to view private facebook profiles”. Facebook has some kind of security to lock the private profile pages. But this trick will beat all other. This is not a special software or application that you should know and use. But, this is a logical method that worked perfectly for me. 

To see the private facebook profiles- Things you should do

First thing, you should be a friend to them in order to see their private profiles.

Create new email id and sign up for facebook.

Just find out who is their mutual friend.

Capture their profile picture using snipping tool or use print screen option. Carefully choose original profile photo of their mutual friend. If he/she is working for a company, make your profile that you are working for the same company

Change your name as same as their mutual friend

Make that captured picture as your profile picture and give a friend request to them with message “hi friend I have created the new facebook account, leave the previous account”.

Done!!! . This trick is perfectly worked for me. Why can’t you try?

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