Thursday review| adfortheday is a scam?| a complete review about adfortheday

Hi readers, today I am going to write about the review. Before that, I want to give you the brief history of that site


Ribosome Innovations
srinivas murthy ()
Creation Date: 13-Feb-2011
Expiration Date: 13-Feb-2012 (they will renew if they succeed)

From the above detail we can know that adfortheday website is registered by an Indian. He started his website on 13 February 2011. The website is almost one year old when I was writing this review, how many of them get paid. No doubt some of them may or may not get paid, since there is no payment proof.

Apart from this, we are not forced to see the ads just as some website does. So, it is best try to join.
They will show you only related ads according to the interest and location. Let’s wait and see whether adfortheday are cheating other people or not. But my point of view, all such sites will give you the trust that they will pay you and after some days, they will close the website without notice. But they will earn from advertiser and showing fake proof of running website.

I am not telling you that not to join in this adfortheday program. Such sites will give you information of prize winner, but who knows that they won the prize. It is just an advertising trick to make the subscribers worldwide.

Finally, you can join adfortheday to test yourself as a user, since they are not forcing us to see the ads. Based upon the location, they will serve you the ads. So, different user from several countries will have different opinion that is good or bad! My opinion - it is good!

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  1. Hey i won the prize last month.It is not fake.I got the e-coupon provided by flipkart.


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