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Hi readers, today I am going to tell you the procedure to unlock reliance netconnect. There is no doubt that unlocking is such a critical process and it requires some patience. If you are not being patience, then all the work will be in fail.

Why you want to unlock the reliance net connect, the answer is that you can use any GSM sim in it. Okay, instead of telling long list of story, shall we move to the topic “how to unlock reliance netconnet

Reliance netconnect unlocking procedure 

Note down your IMEI number of your reliance netconnect. 

I will tell you the three methods for unlocking:

You should know that Huawei modem model is used by all reliance netconnect. So, unlocking the modem is easy if you follow the below steps.

Go to the website and click on the ZTE FREE Code option. You will be redirected to another webpage. At there, you should enter your IMEI number and click on the calculator button. Within a few seconds, you will get unlock code.

(Or) Download master universal code from the internet. Click on the Huawei option to generate your codes
(Or) Download Huawei unlocker from the internet and type you IMEI code to get the required code.
To make use of that generated unlock code; insert any other GSM sim card in to your reliance modem.
After plugging the modem to your computer, it will prompt for unlock code. Enter your unlock code to unlock the reliance modem. Done!!!

NOTE: If your reliance netconnect does not ask for unlock code and not working. You should download and use Huawei code tool.
Unlock at your own risk, this blog is not responsible for any type of damage to your device.


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  2. Everyone wants to go to the steps, which you have shared over here. And, thanks for sharing this because I have been using the network over the past year during the time, I had to face so many problems. So after going through your article I can see that my problem is going to be solved. Contrary, I would be very pleasant, if you tell me recharge reliance netconnect data card with the help of online.


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