Acer laptop display problem | how to fix it |dark screen |screen fading | jumpy or fluctuating screen

Problem on laptops are starts with display monitor, So Acer laptops can’t escape in this case. So before going to fix this problem by yourself, make sure that your laptop is in warranty period for troubleshooting. So that you can go for customer care of Acer laptop in order to rectify the problem.

Here I mentioned the problems of Acer laptops with self level trouble shoot. Don’t take too risky steps after this troubleshooting.

Display problem in Acer | dark screen| how to fix this screen fading 

Check the wire hinges:

                     Do you have the Acer laptop which is more than two years old, than this problem will be yours. Check the side wire hinges of your Acer laptop. Loose wire connection may cause this problem. This can be avoided by frequent folding of your laptop.

Backlight may be burned out/ accidently have you turned off the back light 

                    Usually, this problem can be seen in all other laptop models. In order to fix this, you should open the monitor and replace the backlight (cathode ray tube).  Be Careful in this step. I recommend you to follow the manual as well to open the monitor.
                   Check that you have accidently turned off your backlight. Press Fn+F6 in order to ON and OFF
Are having same problem again? Then it’s your mother board problem. Replace it with good one.

Have you installed new operating system / have changed your display properties

                    While upgrading your operating system from lower version to higher, this problem may be used to arise. Make sure that you are having enough compatible RAM and graphic card in your laptop in order to upgrade.

                     Adjust your laptop display properties to low level, since your battery in old condition to provide enough power to screen. Other wise upgrade you driver (software used to run display correctly).

 Still having problem with your Acer laptop, contact you service center for further step.

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