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Hello readers and Ansys lover. Tutorial is now getting famous for every new learner of ansys, but if it is a tutorial in pdf, you wont like that. In-case of video tutorial, everyone will be crazy about that. I will tell you the real truth about this topic.

If you want to learn I suggest you , go to the PDF itself. If it is video tutorial, you will definitely lazy to see all the tutorial and having thought that “I am having video tutorial” and you wont start to learn.

But I can suggest you the best websites to learn yourself easily.

If you decided to move other website now for searching videos again, I can assure you won’t get it. Because, if it is available in internet, Ansys Company won’t allow so long and search engine itself won’t show you

Those who want learn software with full patience. Go to the link below

Above websites are good for learning ANSYS software easily. Because, one of best university created this module especially for students

If you want to learn computational fluid dynamics with ANSYS

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