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China mobile has wide variety of settings with different configurations. I am really wondered people always used to search for their china mobile gprs with CMWAP settings. In this post, I am going to write about the Cmwap setup.

As I said earlier, usually china mobile has the different configuration setting in the phone. We have to configure manually. Suppose, if you have bought your china mobile in your country other than china, it is big problem for you to configure setting. I will give the soft solution for your china mobile gprs settings here.

China mobile uses the WAP (wireless application protocol) internet settings. You can only access the WAP sites.

For example, you would like to download one song from a website, somewebsite-dot-com. You can access these sites with your nokia, Samsung, and other standard handset. In case of china mobile, you should not. You can access the WAP sites only. (i.e) website specifically created for mobile internet purpose.

Instead of upsetting you, I am going give the CMWAP settings for your china mobile phones.
Check it whether it is working for you.

China mobile gprs WAP SETTINGS | CMWAP

       Go to your internet settings of china mobile

Home: wap.(service provider).com for example in case Vodafone- Australia
(it is wap. Ask your wap setting from you service provider

Change your proxy address: (you can ask this from your customer care)
Gprs access point settings: cmwap
Authentication type: normal
User :< leave blank>
Password :< leave blank>

That’s all you need to do in your china mobile for internet settings. Please remember, you can only browse wap sites.
Note:Wapsites( can be viewed in mobile phone that cannot be viewed in the normal web browser) 

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