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Claro, Oiwap, Tim (Brazil) - Apn (access point name) and username with password. Save as default settings for your mobile. Before activating the gprs, you need to set this apn in your APN settings of Claro, Oiwap , Tim, Volex mobile.

Nation: Brazil
Telecom: Claro
Username: Claro
Password: Claro
APN (access point name): Claro.com.br

Nation: Brazil
Telecom: Oi
Username: guest
Password: guest
APN (access point name): gprs.oi.com.br

Nation: Brazil
Telecom: Oi (wap)
Username: oiwap

Password: oioioi
APN (access point name): wapgprs.oi.com.br

Nation: Brazil
Username: tim

Password: tim
APN (access point name): tim.br

Nation: Brazil
Username: iesgprs

Password: iesgprs2002
APN (access point name): wap.telcel.com

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