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Hai unigraphics beginner, I think you have started to learn NX in very interested way. I see most of them are looking for tutorial in video and they will exhaust after searching it. 

All I can tell you is that no need of searching it specifically. Because you won’t find full video tutorial with free of cost. Somehow, torrent link works; they won’t teach you whole software.

I will explain why it will be like that

Unigraphics Company won’t allow the tutors to create the entire workbench modules (video tutorials), since it is tedious work for tutors and company too.

If the company will release whole tutorial, they will get loss because of uploading from crackers and distribution rate will be higher.

Tutorials cannot be produced with in a month; it will take more than 2 years for two to four modules.

So stop searching it. Because, company will report to search engine not to show that tutorials

Now the solution is web tutorials.

Some popular universities help their student via this source. In below link you can find the web tutorials for free. I request you to record that videos one by one and use it afterwards.


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