How to fix the android sms problem?

In this post I am going to write about the android mobile sms problem and how to overcome this.

If you are sufferer of sending sms to your friends and receiving error msg like this…

“Cause code 34 and error level of 2”

“Cause code 107 and error level of class 2”

 Here is fix you can try for android sms problem 

  •             Restore the factory setting of the android phone
  •           If you have installed the new themes, just remove that
  •            Switch off the mobile for sometime
  •             Remove the battery for while 
  •             Follow the above step one by one
  •            Change the another sim card for a moment
  •             Send sms to other. Again showing same problems, then you need to contact your service provider.

If you are still having the sms problem in android phone then contact your seller for replacement.

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