How to deactivate airtel 3G

After using the 3g service provided by airtel, most of the airtel user found not worth if we live in remote area. Before you are going to deactivate airtel 3G, I strongly recommend you to ask about the technical issues to the airtel customer care. 

There are two problems we can assume:

       Technical issue from airtel 3G service

                                       If you are living in urban area, this problem may arise. I will tell you the sample reason: suppose, you are living in a state border (between two states). Frequency of 3G service may vary frequently that causes the 3g service problem. 

Problem with mobile handsets (3G enable handsets)

                                     Check your mobile phone which is compatible to 3G service and also the modem speed limits. If you don’t want the airtel 3g, follow the steps below.

To deactivate airtel 3g

SMS 3G to 121

Otherwise, call customer care 121

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