Difference between BC and OBC | Tips for issue

People who all going to fill some forms like Exam application, other government jobs form, they will always find the category of caste with BC and OBC check boxes or option for selection.

At this point, people will get confused what to do next…

Ok, I will tell you clearly.

ABOUT “BC” and “OBC”

        If you are live in a state, for example Rajasthan, your caste is BC (Backward class), this is state wise caste system. [I think, now government has changed the BC as OBC(nationally), you need to check whether you are OBC (creamy) or OBC (non-creamy) in respective government state website]

       At the same time, your caste is BC=OBC, - National wise 

Final look:

         BC certificate = OBC certificate (when you are applying for nationalized bank exams and other nationalized exams).

Even more clear:

                 Suppose you are applying for an exam (which is conducting by your state for your state people). All you need is BC Certificate. Sometimes OBC certificate, Read below

                At the same time you are applying for an exam (which is conducting by your state for all other state pupil in including your state pupil). All you need is OBC certificate. Some times MBC also need this.

Then, what you should do:

Instead of checking other website, just go to your taluk office /tehsil office / respective office and meet the community certificate issuing authorities, ask about your BC Caste will fall under OBC. 

Then problem will be solved. All the information I have given here is for info purpose only. You have to check the details of your own. I strongly recommend you to meet the community certificate issuing officer and ask your doubts.

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