How to activate airtel 3g

In this post, I have written the topic about how to activate airtel 3g in your mobile phone.

Before going to activate 3g in your airtel mobile, you should know some basic about 3g facilities.

Some notes about 3G

3g (third generation) telecommunication 

It uses the High Speed Downlink Packet Access (HSDPA). So you can use video calling with high speed internet.

Steps involved in activating airtel 3g

Check whether your mobile phone has the 3G compatibility. To check this, just send SMS 

 3GHS  to 121

If your mobile phone is not having the 3g facility, you need to buy the 3G handsets.

To activate 3G in airtel sim

Just SMS 3G to 121 or call 12134

After sending SMS , you will receive reply like “1” to activate. Press 1 and click reply button

Now airtel 3g is activated on your your mobile phone.

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