How to avoid invalid impressions in blogspot blog

Hello Readers, today I am going to post the topic about the invalid impression and how to avoid in blogspot blogs.

             Usually, we are used to see our blog after every blog post. But, your blog is without adsense is not a problem. If your blog having adsense account and every impression you will make will be consider as invalid immersions.

             Let’s share my opinion towards “how to avoid invalid impression in blog” (BlogSpot).

It is easy if you are blogspot blogger….

1)      Create a new blog in blogspot and install the templates which you have been using in current blog and post your content.

2)      Check and ensure your alignments of text, pictures and all other details.

3)      Then simply copy and paste that content in current blog without any changes (In your post composing tool). But don’t forget delete that post on (checking blog) or save as draft.

4)      Happy blogging without invalid impressions

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