VODAFONE free gprs tricks

Hello Vodafone user, today I'm going to write post on how to use the free gprs in Vodafone mobile. Before going to the post below, you should know some basics about networks and their functions involved in the gprs .

      GPRS ( general packet radio service )

                      The term “radio service” is the concept of sending and receiving data over the networks. So that your Vodafone gprs mobile will act like device which you can send and receive data.

      GTP ( Gprs  tunneling  protocol)

                     It allows the user to access the internet via ip address in the gsm network. Once if you activate the internet pack for gprs, the ip address will be registered in the network.

Okay, now let see the VODAFONE free GPRS tricks

As discussed above, the ip(internet protocol) address is the main thing to change to get free Vodafone gprs.

Go to your mobile settings; change the ip address with example: and browse the internet, you will get error message, but change the ip address frequently and browse the internet as soon as you can in the mobile. 

Once the Vodafone gprs is activated, don’t switch off the mobile. Now enjoy the free internet.

Concept behind this trick:

 Changing the ip address in the our Vodafone gprs mobile-chance to know the activated gprs (if someone activated the VODAFONE GPRS pack with same ip address)

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