How activate 3g in IDEA | Free IDEA 3g

Hai IDEA user, today I will let you know - how to activate 3g in IDEA sim.Before that, Why you need 3g, reasons are below

  •   Stop normal call, you can have video call
  •   Updates on social networking like facebook,orkut,twitter sites in a moment
  •   Upload and download more files at superfast speeds
  •   Watch TV on your mobile
 To Activate 3g

Step 1:

           Make sure you have the 3g compatible mobile handsets. Check here.

Step 2:

           2G (usual) sim is enough. No need to buy 3G sim .Because it is a network service not a special product. (i.e) you are upgrading from 2g to 3g.

Step 3:

          To activate the service, just send SMS 3G to 54777 (toll free)

Step 4:

          You will get confirmation message for activating. Now change your mobile setting to HSDPA (High Speed Downlink Packet Access).Now you have activated your idea 3g for free. 

For more details: Go here

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