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APN for Vodafone differ from country.  Here I listed out the Vodafone gprs apn in the country wise order and also alphabetical order

Vodafone apn for A to Z index country

Country                                     APN (Vodafone)


Czech Republic                                internet



Ireland Vodafone (contract)  
Ireland Vodafone (pre-pay)   

Italy Vodafone (Omnitel)      

Japan                                               Vodafone

Malta                                                Internet

Netherlands Vodafone (normal)

Netherlands Vodafone (business)

New Zealand Vodafone (unrestricted)   internet


Spain Vodafone (Airtel)            

UK Vodafone (contract)                     internet

UK Vodafone (pre-pay)          

 Above details are useful for activating the Vodafone gprs using this apn in your country.

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